Heartbeat for Everest - raising much needed funds for the British Heart Foundation & Himalayan Trust UK


Heartbeat for Everest

Raising much needed funds for the British Heart Foundation and the Himalayan Trust UK


Heartbeat for Everest has been established by Steve Watts to help raise much needed funds for the British Heart Foundation and The Himalayan Trust UK.

Two charities close to Steve’s heart.

On 18th April 2014, Steve & his brother Peter were fulfilling a lifelong ambition to trek to Mt. Everest basecamp, little did they know a catastrophic event was about to unfold – the worst avalanche in Mount Everest’s history, tragically killing 16 Sherpas – remarkable men who help those around them achieve their dreams.

For this reason, Steve who has a ‘pacemaker’ has decided to take part in an epic challenge that will raise awareness and money for both worthy charities.

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